Thursday, June 21, 2007

After this had dried I added the bark of the tree. The the whole thing was undercoated. The tree was sprayed white and then 'frosted' before the five little faeries could begin to take form. Some of the faeries will sit in more than one position in the tree. They looked like a little group of ballerinas until they had their hair on; then their little personalities really came out. All that remains now is a bit more drying time for the tree and then they will all be off to their new home.


This is the tree after adding "Makins" air dry clay to form the trunk and the roots of the tree where it joins the base. I added to existing features on the branches as well.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A winter tree

This will be a work in progress, and I will put pictures up as it progresses. The tree is attached to the board and extra limbs are wired on. I will be using Makins air dry polymer for the trunk, it is an extrememly durable clay. The plan is for four or five faeries to inhabit the tree.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Monday morning

Today I am trying to work on a bed for my latest sculpture. Not quite sure what she will end up with, but I do have a large bag of twigs and some rosebuds.

Lavendar, a new faerie on eBay!

Good afternoon,

Just a quick note, I have listed a new faery called Lavender. If you would like a look, you can see her on the following link.

Lavendar's Auction

Thank you very much for looking.

Warmest regards,